BBQ Blues No More…

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If only we had seen this beauty last weekend at our church BBQ, the boys needn’t waste so much energy to get the fire started…

By the time it was done… I believe the sun was already setting… Thank goodness for the other propane grill lol



How to light a BBQ with the Looftlighter.

Always make a pile of the coal or briquettes

· Touch the pile of coal with the Looftlighter.

· Draw back the Looftlighter a little bit when sparks appear (after 10-20 sec).

· Continue to point the Looftlighter in the same direction for at least 60 seconds.

Do you want that perfect glow in a couple of minutes? Just continue using the Looftlighter towards one (or more) points in the pile!


swimming blitz <3

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Summer time calls for pool side, sun bathing, and silliness in the water… *melt* A blissful lazy Sunday with mon l’amie… Breakfast at buckies… Yummy spinach feta wrap 😉

need work on my post mexico tan some more…



fresh figs…

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fresh figs are so delish… the juicy plumpness is too luscious to squeeze… the unblemished fig feels like an miniture water balloon that gives slightly when pressed but not mushy… when cut open is brutally fragrant and bright…figs are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fiber; full of antioxidant, flavonoids and polyphenols… nom nom nom thanks auntie =)

Cancun – day 4

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8/17 – Today is a day of traveling. After 630 breakfast and goodbyes I am sitting at the cancun airport w my buckies…
3 days here is rather short; one extra day to go on one more excursion to chichen itza would’ve been perfect; and one extra day to just sun bath and pool lounge may just complete this trip… But I must say it will bring back many fond memories…

Cancun – day 3

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8/16 – Today is DK’s wedding… we started off the day with breakfast… I like that fact it’s so chill and there’s not a lot of craziness…

The wedding ceremony was amazing and the vows were tear jerkers (never at one time were so many fluids perspired tears/sweat… classy eh? I know, I try lol)… It was so hot that ppl were literally melting, literally sweat could be wrung out)

The beach front reception was so very romantic. Something about dinning and having white xmas lights and candles just takes it up a notch!

5 <3s:

  • -snorkeling
  • sun bathing w mojitos served
  • wedding ceremony
  • reception on the beach
  • crazy dancing and plain silliness

5 Xs:

  • beach massage closes at 2pm
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(

As I sit here blogging about this blessed day, there is 6 other ppl whom fell asleep while waiting for the married couple to show up to watch a hilarious wedding video gift parody / go clubbing… Me? I’m actually getting quite sleepy and want to call it a night!

Cancun – day 2

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8/15 – Waking up to the sound of the ocean after a well rested nite of sleep!! Today is the only day available for off-site excursions (my dad would flip hearing this) and since we missed all group tours (they all depart at 8am!!) we hired our own personal driver (I know harsh posh eh?)… Our schedule is uber tight since 6pm is wedding party meet / greet…

5 <3s

  • breakfast w buddies
  • excursion tour to Cobā and Tulum… hiking, biking, and swimming in turquoise blue water = amazing
  • meet and greet dinner party / french resto la brassieres
  • mojitos
  • pre-wedding day bachelorette party

5 Xs

  • failed to hike up coba ruins due to dehydration (epic fail… )
  • mon l’amie withdrawals
  • …k I don’t really have negatives to say

barcelo palace resort

coba - grupo nohoch mul

Tulum - Walled City

Tulum beach

Cancun – day 1

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8/14 – It’s a cloudy and gray day in vancouver; but when summer fails in vancouver there is a sunny escape to playa del carmen!!

5 <3s:

  • 30C that feels like 41C
  • drink services at front desk
  • posh hotel room
  • ocean front white sandy beach
  • vacay (need i say more?)

5 Xs:

  • Traveling en route on a 5 hr flight w/ a bunch of rowdy grown ups that won’t STFU
  • wild goose chase to find caribre rest
  • snooty waitress that shuts the door on us
  • luggage left at lobby
  • westjet

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