dirty lil secrets

2010.05.16 § Leave a comment

i am currently at war with my room… it was picking a fight with me so i decided to show it who’s boss! i found some old (i stress old) notes with some juicy gossips about people i almost forgot existed lol …

my last spring cleaning i donated a couple bags of old clothing and threw away a bunch of old mags and reclaimed some $ from some old bags i no longer used… let’s hope this time i will be just as successful!


1. make room for my dear clothes

2. donate/throw away old clothing (those haven’t been worn within last 2 years)

3. buy a new bookshelf to host my book collection

4. tidy up desk for study space… (ughh)

i’ll see how the results turn out before i post pictures. haha or maybe not…


shiba inu 柴犬

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today’s weather was uber gorgeous, simply could not let it go to waste! went for a stroll at rocky point with AY and had some good old pajo’s fish and chips… hello~ heart attack! =P

then stalked some random shiba inu 柴犬

spring photo contest – 4th

2010.05.04 § Leave a comment

I was really tired at staring at numbers all day at work and sifted thru some of my regular blogs and came across this photo contest (Nikon D90 Everything Spring Photo Contest!)

Thought… what the hell, let’s try it. *click click* and a *paste* from my flikr (link) and what did i get?

4th place… wasn’t 1st place, but hey! it’s in the top 5? =)

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