Blogging in Action

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Been so swamped developing my passion project < FOOD BLOG > with my buddies I’ve neglected this blog!

Now I want to start another < PHOTO BLOG >!! Need some inspiration names!

Any takes?


grande americano

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sometimes it helps to be a regular customer… you get to know the baristas, so when you forget your wallet and become penny-less… you still get to enjoy your grande Americano to feed your caffeine addiction…

Thanks my buckies barista! ❤


The sky is not falling…

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The sky is not falling and the world is not going to explode – whether or not galaxies will be sucked into the Black Hole is another story.

Everything does not require a heart attack and you’re better off focusing on what matters, or better yet, generates income. Bosses that micro-manage and does not have any tricks up their sleeves should be more adequately attuned to the productivity for their colleagues (I say colleagues and not staff because they are the actual bread winners, the mules and little minions that gets the work done so You. Can. Sit. Your. Sorry. Fat. Ass. Down. And. Do Nothing!)

So if you are one of the unfortunates that must get your daily dose of power tripping and create inhumane working conditions for us folks, kindly please continue to halt efficiency, hold mind-numbing , time-wasting 2 hour meetings that circle around the same useless 5 min of material and shove food into your face. Remember… Round is a shape.

No, srs’ly STFU! And we wonder why we are in recession

Happy Friday =)

BBQ Blues No More…

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If only we had seen this beauty last weekend at our church BBQ, the boys needn’t waste so much energy to get the fire started…

By the time it was done… I believe the sun was already setting… Thank goodness for the other propane grill lol



How to light a BBQ with the Looftlighter.

Always make a pile of the coal or briquettes

· Touch the pile of coal with the Looftlighter.

· Draw back the Looftlighter a little bit when sparks appear (after 10-20 sec).

· Continue to point the Looftlighter in the same direction for at least 60 seconds.

Do you want that perfect glow in a couple of minutes? Just continue using the Looftlighter towards one (or more) points in the pile!

better end of the deal…

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so chef lui tells me whoever makes it home earlier “would [insert name] please wash the dishes; otherwise there won’t be anything to eat dinner with”… the problem is that it feels like a tornado/hurricane/some mega natural disater whipped thru the kitchen, debris and DB everywhere, and no one to clean up the rotting aftermath… think new orleans

moment’s later, while still on the phone my hun tells me that he needs to go to buckies to grab coffee cuz he’s falling asleep, can’t keep his eyes open, and offers to bring me some also… awwwww…

guess who ends up home earlier? ME! … who gets stuck with dishes? ME! … who gets to clean the grimmy compost rotting in the sink? ME! … such a lucky girl …

awhile later… baby comes home, coffee in hand… and kitchen is clean… i mean SPOTLESS!

i got my iced caramel machiatto and he gets a sparkling kitchen with clean dishes…so um… who got the better end of the deal today? HIM!!!

lol… conspiracy theory i tell you…

keys to my <3

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VW T1 camper van lego

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Lego has again captured my <3, yet again…


10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van will be releasing in 2011/10… Hippies rejoice and reminisce about the good ol’ days… cruise 1962 psychedelically!!

At 1332 piece set priced at  $120 USD is beefed up with amazing details and lots of interesting parts – pots and pans to spare wheels, curtains, folding rear bench seat, folding dinette table, closet with mirror, oven to engine compartment with an engine inside which opens! (woahhh!! It opeeennnsss~)

Construction technique and ample free time required 😉 Kids… time to enlist your dad (if pops isn’t handy, maybe the german shepard would be your best option. JK)
Check out the official photo set on flikr







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