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Been so swamped developing my passion project < FOOD BLOG > with my buddies I’ve neglected this blog!

Now I want to start another < PHOTO BLOG >!! Need some inspiration names!

Any takes?


fresh figs…

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fresh figs are so delish… the juicy plumpness is too luscious to squeeze… the unblemished fig feels like an miniture water balloon that gives slightly when pressed but not mushy… when cut open is brutally fragrant and bright…figs are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fiber; full of antioxidant, flavonoids and polyphenols… nom nom nom thanks auntie =)

Online DSLR simulator…

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like fighter jet pilots and astronauts, you can now simulate your DSLR with!!

Adjust f-stop, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and distance seetings in the comforts of your own home (or the comforts of your undies…) test run this baby before you splurge a g-note or two ($1000 bucks honey)… But please go outside and play, learn, touch your baby under real conditions… it’s good for your lungs =) enjoy!


not a bag that screams i have a DSLR

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so after my exam, we were thinking of going biking over the weekend for some fun…

i’m thinking of bring out my baby d90 and snap some photos along the way… what i’ve realized is that i really really hate using my lowepro camera bag… sometimes you just don’t wanna use a bag that screams “hey look, i’m a photographer and i’m carrying around a dslr!!!” …  it’s great and all, but really not the most stylish product!!!


ONA on the other hand… the union street bag….

oh mon dieu… <3!!

of course i pick a man’s bag… such a tom boy i am…


bonjour montreal… au revior

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montreal is an incredibly romantic city given the right person at the right time…

last week i was able to extend my work conference for the weekend to do a lil exploring with mon l’amie…

cathedrals, vieux montreal at night, st laurent street food and patios <3s

montreal 2011 … a weekend to remember o”o


if you made 2 wishes over the fountain – eternal happiness together or being filthy rich…

i’d say eternal happiness… if being rich but miserable together… i rather to be happily working hard together … hands down w/o a doubt!


driving home…

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there’s a lil park with a dock on my drive home that i’ve always said i would stop and explore…

the other day, the sunset was too captivating to pass up… this place was far more amazing than i anticipated…

location: gladstone park, vancouver, bc

richmond sunsets…

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recently just got a new camera – lumix lx5… such a beauty…

a beautiful camera + amazing sunset after work = perfect match ❤

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