Cloudy day

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Today is a cloudy day and I failed to pray with you in person… I do pray for god to give you and your family comfort, for your peace of mind, for your release and not bottle it inside… I pray for words of wisdom to encourage you… To uphold you… To fill you… That you remain strong and never lose faith…

Prayers are everything and everything are prayers… I apologize that i could only shoot some hoops with you briefly… But I understand you need alone time…

Leave it to god and he will do the rest!
My love, I love you…


better end of the deal…

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so chef lui tells me whoever makes it home earlier “would [insert name] please wash the dishes; otherwise there won’t be anything to eat dinner with”… the problem is that it feels like a tornado/hurricane/some mega natural disater whipped thru the kitchen, debris and DB everywhere, and no one to clean up the rotting aftermath… think new orleans

moment’s later, while still on the phone my hun tells me that he needs to go to buckies to grab coffee cuz he’s falling asleep, can’t keep his eyes open, and offers to bring me some also… awwwww…

guess who ends up home earlier? ME! … who gets stuck with dishes? ME! … who gets to clean the grimmy compost rotting in the sink? ME! … such a lucky girl …

awhile later… baby comes home, coffee in hand… and kitchen is clean… i mean SPOTLESS!

i got my iced caramel machiatto and he gets a sparkling kitchen with clean dishes…so um… who got the better end of the deal today? HIM!!!

lol… conspiracy theory i tell you…

keys to my <3

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swimming blitz <3

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Summer time calls for pool side, sun bathing, and silliness in the water… *melt* A blissful lazy Sunday with mon l’amie… Breakfast at buckies… Yummy spinach feta wrap 😉

need work on my post mexico tan some more…



the front plateless car

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There is something about seeing a front plateless car (fyi – I’m actually referring to a specific car) parked kiddy corner to you with a random white piece of paper near the passengers side windshield that brings a very loving surprise 😉

Although somewhat having a hunch about it / thinking about if it would happen and actually experiencing it happening is completely different and uber heart warming…

grateful for life’s lil surprises from chef lui over a cup of buckies ❤ ❤ ❤

2 mysteries

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Sitting at buckies in cancun waiting to board… Everyone is falling asleep!

While waiting for the beach banquet to start, pastor k and I were chatting about the newly weds and about love in general… After seeing so many couples be wed and separate there is still 2 profound mysteries that still astonishes him…

1. how when a boy likes a girl and when she also likes him back… (boys in general first likes a girl a lot easier apparently)… It is true tho – it is easy to like someone. It is also easy for someone to like you. But it is very hard to like someone and they also like you back… Actually i think it is more rare to love one another unconditionally for all their flaws and take them as they are. Idiocracies I call it is beautiful.

2. how when 2 couples who were initially madly in love can not even talk to one another without a lawyer; how they end up hating each other so much…

A word of warning is not to be a married single. Meaning don’t be married strangers, be the best of friends!

Thru your lens…

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Random thought:

sometimes I see the way we think and interact and I wonder what the feeling is thru your lens

sometimes I wish I can experience that warmth thru your lens… Feel how it feels from your perspective… If it is equivalently quenching… I dunno if it is silly to say but it would be one kick ass super power to have o”o

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