BBQ Blues No More…

2011.08.30 § Leave a comment

If only we had seen this beauty last weekend at our church BBQ, the boys needn’t waste so much energy to get the fire started…

By the time it was done… I believe the sun was already setting… Thank goodness for the other propane grill lol



How to light a BBQ with the Looftlighter.

Always make a pile of the coal or briquettes

· Touch the pile of coal with the Looftlighter.

· Draw back the Looftlighter a little bit when sparks appear (after 10-20 sec).

· Continue to point the Looftlighter in the same direction for at least 60 seconds.

Do you want that perfect glow in a couple of minutes? Just continue using the Looftlighter towards one (or more) points in the pile!


epic fail – tires

2011.08.11 § Leave a comment

are you kidding me? 2 nails in 2 tires within a week…

last week went to patch up my rear right tire. today went to patch up my rear left tire… happy 1 week anniversary…. let’s divorce!

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