The sky is not falling…

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The sky is not falling and the world is not going to explode – whether or not galaxies will be sucked into the Black Hole is another story.

Everything does not require a heart attack and you’re better off focusing on what matters, or better yet, generates income. Bosses that micro-manage and does not have any tricks up their sleeves should be more adequately attuned to the productivity for their colleagues (I say colleagues and not staff because they are the actual bread winners, the mules and little minions that gets the work done so You. Can. Sit. Your. Sorry. Fat. Ass. Down. And. Do Nothing!)

So if you are one of the unfortunates that must get your daily dose of power tripping and create inhumane working conditions for us folks, kindly please continue to halt efficiency, hold mind-numbing , time-wasting 2 hour meetings that circle around the same useless 5 min of material and shove food into your face. Remember… Round is a shape.

No, srs’ly STFU! And we wonder why we are in recession

Happy Friday =)



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Here I am ramblings about a certain delinquent customer… blah blah blah….

 Me: I feel like I’m talking to a wall or something

Vlo: Poor u…have a few walls surrounding u. One called XXX and one called YYY, A 4th wall & u’ll be confined

Me: Literally put me in a box!

Vlo: U can practice thinking outside of the box while u still can


Is it time to go home yet?

Boss drama

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if there is something i hate most… drama… people that stir shit up just for the sake of shit stirring… (sorry i don’t have a more eloquent way of putting this!)

there is nothing worse than to pretend you know what you are doing and drag everyone’s productivity down with you into the abyss…

apparently not everyone has professional etiquette of how to motivate a team and have a system in place before you start doing business.

my “new” boss is technically as vlo and i put it during our discussion today is…

fungus – useless, alot and annoying

disease – causes everyone around to to have internal bleeding and vomit blood

bbb – blah blah blah … i lot of noise coming out, but nothing constructive

meningitis – melts one’s brain

roadblock – roadblocking…

cheers, TGIF!

lightning making machines

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last night it was lightning like crazy here… the sky collapsed while i was running… but it also happened 1/2 way across the world in HK… only worse… of course it also brought about some silly convos between K and I … lol

n: SRS?? that lightning??
k: so crazy the lightning here.. was like the end of the world
n: insane!! was it black rain?
k: it was only red…in 6 hours… 25,000 lightning hit
n: really ONLY red? we had some crazy lightning here yest too, but not as crazy
k: it was so scary… didn’t want to go out.. i was at work.. took a taxi home.. even those 10 steps from taxi to my home door.. i was worried that i could get hit by lightning…
n: 25k??
k: oh really?
n: omg
k: yea.. 25k
n: so dangerous, much better to stay home!! or indoors,
yeah saw a bunch of lightning driving home but nothing happened
went to the gym as i was running flashing again
then sudden down pour like the sky fall for an hour
k: icic.. last night was like that too.. but not as long.. only happened for 1 hour or 2
yea.. that crazy night… people see UFO sighting
get outta here!
k: haha.. got were attacked or something.. ha ha
they attacked us with lightning… with a lighting making machine
n: wtf u are messed up, hahahaha
lightning making machine
did they elevate anybody?
k: hahahaha
n: u should’ve waved and said hi


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this year’s summer retreat we are heading to abby… of which it is advised that we bring our own sleeping bags… this is rather annoying since i don’t own one and think it is kinda waste of money to buy one for the sake of a weekend trip… my friends have a tendency to mock me with my local up-bringing (all in fun of course)…

n: hey u have a sleeping bag?

oc: do I look like I’ll have one? 🙂

n: Hahahahaa… no… but I thought I’d ask… Cuz u ALL seem to think I own one and I don’t!

oc: coz you are a BANANA and therefore you should own one…hahaha…

oc: Philosophy 101

n: @_@” …

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