japanese cookout w/ chef tan

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The other day chef tan wanted to do a cook out for us… to spend some time and chill… after his last okonomiyaki お好み焼き cookout my tummy was already growling… It seems that the boys definitely are better cooks… there’s a reason chef lui cooks more than i do… (i lots count how many times he’s done the deed vs me)… it makes us girls have no reason to step into the kitchen almost… tee hee…

Japanese fusion menu for the nite included:


  • Purple yam chips glazed over kikkoman sushi & sashimi soy, brown sugar, and water after deep fried in oil
  • Tobiko crab salad with avocado
  • Cold grilled eggplant (yaki-nasu) marinated in shoyu, ponzu, shichimi, sansho


  • Traditional japanese beef stew…  Nikujaga (肉じゃが)  – thinly sliced beef, carrots, potatoes cubed, onions in sweetened soy…
  • Pan-fried onigiri おにぎり drizzled lightly with soy
  • Tonkastsu pork chops glazed miso sauce, chef tan said it was a specialty of nagoya region where the miso is slightly sweeten and glazed over the panko fried porker


  • Burfday cake for the burfday boy chef tan

nom nom nom



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