better end of the deal…

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so chef lui tells me whoever makes it home earlier “would [insert name] please wash the dishes; otherwise there won’t be anything to eat dinner with”… the problem is that it feels like a tornado/hurricane/some mega natural disater whipped thru the kitchen, debris and DB everywhere, and no one to clean up the rotting aftermath… think new orleans

moment’s later, while still on the phone my hun tells me that he needs to go to buckies to grab coffee cuz he’s falling asleep, can’t keep his eyes open, and offers to bring me some also… awwwww…

guess who ends up home earlier? ME! … who gets stuck with dishes? ME! … who gets to clean the grimmy compost rotting in the sink? ME! … such a lucky girl …

awhile later… baby comes home, coffee in hand… and kitchen is clean… i mean SPOTLESS!

i got my iced caramel machiatto and he gets a sparkling kitchen with clean dishes…so um… who got the better end of the deal today? HIM!!!

lol… conspiracy theory i tell you…


nom nom noms: week of 08/02

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grateful for great nom nom noms even on a busy week!

left: best pizza joint in steveston, richmond… namely steveston pizza co

right: awesome home cooked meal again by yours truly chef lui… my uber favorite butternut squash soup and grape tomatoes, eggs salad w mustard rendition dressing


project mexico – broccoli soup

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summer is here (or lack thereof here in vancouver)… and my gf is getting married in mexico in a month… project mexico has been on and off around exam periods and sometimes it’s hard when there’s a lot of work, friends, and a bf… but having a bf that likes and can cook is such a bonus… so adapted thru him (who probably adapted thru gordon ramsay) broccoli soup

broccoli soup

2 broccoli crowns, cut of the florets

some cilantro

water boiling… season – cook with the salt (or some chicken essence)

boil approx 5 mins or until broccoli can be sliced thru with a knife

liquify in blender while still piping hot…

add drizzle of olive oil for gloss

smooth velvety texture in green goodness =)

my 1st attempt successful – consistency wonderful and not too thin…


avocado shrimp croissants

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almost every saturday after fellowship our group goes to our local hk styled cafe for some grub… recently they changed their menu and jacked up the prices… it is no longer “cheap frills” for late night… to makes matters worse they failed to keep one of my favorite dishes on the menu (prolly due to low margins… ) bastards!!!

what they failed to perform, mon l’amie was sweet enuf to deliver (last sunday to be exact)…


avocado shrimp croissant

freshly sliced avocados, sauteed shrimp of caramelized onions, bakery fresh croissants…. nom nom nom…


love in 煎釀三寶

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monday’s are hard, especially after a long weekend… it is especially hard. it’s hard not only in the sense of waking up so bloody early, but also because of the rush to catch up and start the week off productively.

likewise relationships are hard, so many factors that need to come into play in order for it to run smoothly… patience, love, forgiveness, humor, etc…

but i strongly believe… it should simply fall into place and engulf you… so that you can fully embrace the intricacies and dynamics of each others presence… and because of such, it is most rewarding when the other person loves you for who you truly are… not the facade that you mask or the hero you pretend to be…

being happy. should. be. just. this. fuking. easy….

sometimes even the most mundane task (such as dish-washing – definately i won’t feel this everyday…) becomes warm…

tonight’s dish:

煎釀三寶 mince dace pan fried peppers

芥蘭 stir fried kai lans



black bean edamame spring green salad w salmon

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mon l’amie and i love food… i mean we love good food… and because we love good food so much… he also really enjoys cooking…

i must say he is much more gifted than me when it comes to cooking up a storm…

our idiocracy when it comes to cooking… he tends to over-cook and i under-cook… we need a happy medium… one day =)



20110524 chef lui

mango salsa pasta

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although it was a long and stressful day for chef lui… he still cooked =)

it is the lil luxuries and tender moments spent together that really melts my heart…

it is big hugs and forehead kisses that imprints on your soul…

it is the words of encouragement and mutual support that pushes me forward…



i have mango salsa pasta w chicken to be thankful for… (the chicken could be more succulent … but who’s counting? overall: delish… )

well done, mon l’amie ❤

20110627 chef lui

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