grande americano

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sometimes it helps to be a regular customer… you get to know the baristas, so when you forget your wallet and become penny-less… you still get to enjoy your grande Americano to feed your caffeine addiction…

Thanks my buckies barista! ❤



Cloudy day

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Today is a cloudy day and I failed to pray with you in person… I do pray for god to give you and your family comfort, for your peace of mind, for your release and not bottle it inside… I pray for words of wisdom to encourage you… To uphold you… To fill you… That you remain strong and never lose faith…

Prayers are everything and everything are prayers… I apologize that i could only shoot some hoops with you briefly… But I understand you need alone time…

Leave it to god and he will do the rest!
My love, I love you…

The sky is not falling…

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The sky is not falling and the world is not going to explode – whether or not galaxies will be sucked into the Black Hole is another story.

Everything does not require a heart attack and you’re better off focusing on what matters, or better yet, generates income. Bosses that micro-manage and does not have any tricks up their sleeves should be more adequately attuned to the productivity for their colleagues (I say colleagues and not staff because they are the actual bread winners, the mules and little minions that gets the work done so You. Can. Sit. Your. Sorry. Fat. Ass. Down. And. Do Nothing!)

So if you are one of the unfortunates that must get your daily dose of power tripping and create inhumane working conditions for us folks, kindly please continue to halt efficiency, hold mind-numbing , time-wasting 2 hour meetings that circle around the same useless 5 min of material and shove food into your face. Remember… Round is a shape.

No, srs’ly STFU! And we wonder why we are in recession

Happy Friday =)

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