2 mysteries

2011.08.17 § Leave a comment

Sitting at buckies in cancun waiting to board… Everyone is falling asleep!

While waiting for the beach banquet to start, pastor k and I were chatting about the newly weds and about love in general… After seeing so many couples be wed and separate there is still 2 profound mysteries that still astonishes him…

1. how when a boy likes a girl and when she also likes him back… (boys in general first likes a girl a lot easier apparently)… It is true tho – it is easy to like someone. It is also easy for someone to like you. But it is very hard to like someone and they also like you back… Actually i think it is more rare to love one another unconditionally for all their flaws and take them as they are. Idiocracies I call it is beautiful.

2. how when 2 couples who were initially madly in love can not even talk to one another without a lawyer; how they end up hating each other so much…

A word of warning is not to be a married single. Meaning don’t be married strangers, be the best of friends!


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