Cancun – day 3

2011.08.16 § Leave a comment

8/16 – Today is DK’s wedding… we started off the day with breakfast… I like that fact it’s so chill and there’s not a lot of craziness…

The wedding ceremony was amazing and the vows were tear jerkers (never at one time were so many fluids perspired tears/sweat… classy eh? I know, I try lol)… It was so hot that ppl were literally melting, literally sweat could be wrung out)

The beach front reception was so very romantic. Something about dinning and having white xmas lights and candles just takes it up a notch!

5 <3s:

  • -snorkeling
  • sun bathing w mojitos served
  • wedding ceremony
  • reception on the beach
  • crazy dancing and plain silliness

5 Xs:

  • beach massage closes at 2pm
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(
  • last day of vacay ;(

As I sit here blogging about this blessed day, there is 6 other ppl whom fell asleep while waiting for the married couple to show up to watch a hilarious wedding video gift parody / go clubbing… Me? I’m actually getting quite sleepy and want to call it a night!


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