dick’s u-pick cherry farm… summerland, bc

2011.08.02 § Leave a comment

over the long weekend my friends and i headed to summerland, bc for a mini getaway (… like we do every year to someone warm and sunny)! this year we decided to explore some local wineries… on the last day, before we all headed back to the reality of working… we wanted to do a lil cherry picking…

the closest u-pick farm to us was dickinson famliy farm… the experience was NOT PLEASANT! and would NOT RECOMMEND this place!

i say this only because Hilter (ahem… i mean owner) was quite the champion when it comes to alienating his customers and making racist and condescending remarks… all of which unnecessary and down right rude! by definition a “u-pick”, is a farm where you pick what you like, how much you like, where you like, and you pay by weight in the end… these clowns that run this outfit expected the 5 of us to each climb a ladder… after explaining to them that we wanted 2 ladders to share amongst us, they glared at us and charged us $2/head extra to go in… fine whatever… not worth hassling of $2… basically the way they came across was that we were ripping them off…

while the cherries were juicy and plump (to be fair… i do give them that), yield was thinning where our ladders were situated… mon l’amie and i noticed that trees nearby also sported some really yummy cherries (that did not require us to climb 12ft and risk killing ourselves)… as we were happily picking them, Hilter came over and bickered at us for picking the low level cherries… we asked him to “recommend” us some better suited trees, he walked off… after shortly returning yelled at us for not following or listening to his orders… sorry buddy! last time i checked i did not work for you!!! In fact i’m here paying for your god-damn-mother-effing cherries which i’m laboring myself! bloody hell! anyways… still did not want to sour the experience for our friends, we followed to the tree Hilter took us to… unfortunately all the crops were 12 ft up in the air, thinning and were badly ripe / munch on by birds…

later, after a bucket full of cherries… we were heading back to join the rest of our friends… on the way back… again there were some pretty juicy cherries on the lower levels… so again, i picked a few… seriously Hitler is a control freak and really needs to get out more! Either he has had way too much cherries and it’s affecting his interpersonal skills or he is just pure racist… He basically told us that we don’t speak english and would not listen to him to stay away from the lower level cherries… I honestly do not understand why it is such a sin to pick those cherries… we are not in the garden of eden!!! honestly if it wasn’t because i didn’t want to ruin my buddies experiences i would have just thrown the cherries right at Hitler’s face and told him to shove it! where do all these uneducated ppl come from???

final verdict (out of 5 stars) : level of happiness = -5 | douche bag customer service (or lack there of) = +5 | wtf factor = +5 | racist = +5 | cherries juiciness = +4

would we return … HELL NO!!!



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