love in 煎釀三寶

2011.07.04 § Leave a comment

monday’s are hard, especially after a long weekend… it is especially hard. it’s hard not only in the sense of waking up so bloody early, but also because of the rush to catch up and start the week off productively.

likewise relationships are hard, so many factors that need to come into play in order for it to run smoothly… patience, love, forgiveness, humor, etc…

but i strongly believe… it should simply fall into place and engulf you… so that you can fully embrace the intricacies and dynamics of each others presence… and because of such, it is most rewarding when the other person loves you for who you truly are… not the facade that you mask or the hero you pretend to be…

being happy. should. be. just. this. fuking. easy….

sometimes even the most mundane task (such as dish-washing – definately i won’t feel this everyday…) becomes warm…

tonight’s dish:

煎釀三寶 mince dace pan fried peppers

芥蘭 stir fried kai lans




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