project mexico – broccoli soup

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summer is here (or lack thereof here in vancouver)… and my gf is getting married in mexico in a month… project mexico has been on and off around exam periods and sometimes it’s hard when there’s a lot of work, friends, and a bf… but having a bf that likes and can cook is such a bonus… so adapted thru him (who probably adapted thru gordon ramsay) broccoli soup

broccoli soup

2 broccoli crowns, cut of the florets

some cilantro

water boiling… season – cook with the salt (or some chicken essence)

boil approx 5 mins or until broccoli can be sliced thru with a knife

liquify in blender while still piping hot…

add drizzle of olive oil for gloss

smooth velvety texture in green goodness =)

my 1st attempt successful – consistency wonderful and not too thin…



Boss drama

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if there is something i hate most… drama… people that stir shit up just for the sake of shit stirring… (sorry i don’t have a more eloquent way of putting this!)

there is nothing worse than to pretend you know what you are doing and drag everyone’s productivity down with you into the abyss…

apparently not everyone has professional etiquette of how to motivate a team and have a system in place before you start doing business.

my “new” boss is technically as vlo and i put it during our discussion today is…

fungus – useless, alot and annoying

disease – causes everyone around to to have internal bleeding and vomit blood

bbb – blah blah blah … i lot of noise coming out, but nothing constructive

meningitis – melts one’s brain

roadblock – roadblocking…

cheers, TGIF!

not a bag that screams i have a DSLR

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so after my exam, we were thinking of going biking over the weekend for some fun…

i’m thinking of bring out my baby d90 and snap some photos along the way… what i’ve realized is that i really really hate using my lowepro camera bag… sometimes you just don’t wanna use a bag that screams “hey look, i’m a photographer and i’m carrying around a dslr!!!” …  it’s great and all, but really not the most stylish product!!!


ONA on the other hand… the union street bag….

oh mon dieu… <3!!

of course i pick a man’s bag… such a tom boy i am…



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sometimes life serves you lemons… suck it up and spit the seeds back in their face…

is that wrong? lol


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Freedom (for now…) never tasted so sweet…

Beer on a hot summer’s day… I think I still prefer a Stella, an Asahi, or a Sapporo any day… Mmmmmmm

Mon l’amie et moi at Granville Island after a long cruel exam…


Thru your lens…

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Random thought:

sometimes I see the way we think and interact and I wonder what the feeling is thru your lens

sometimes I wish I can experience that warmth thru your lens… Feel how it feels from your perspective… If it is equivalently quenching… I dunno if it is silly to say but it would be one kick ass super power to have o”o

avocado shrimp croissants

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almost every saturday after fellowship our group goes to our local hk styled cafe for some grub… recently they changed their menu and jacked up the prices… it is no longer “cheap frills” for late night… to makes matters worse they failed to keep one of my favorite dishes on the menu (prolly due to low margins… ) bastards!!!

what they failed to perform, mon l’amie was sweet enuf to deliver (last sunday to be exact)…


avocado shrimp croissant

freshly sliced avocados, sauteed shrimp of caramelized onions, bakery fresh croissants…. nom nom nom…


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