lightning making machines

2010.09.09 § Leave a comment

last night it was lightning like crazy here… the sky collapsed while i was running… but it also happened 1/2 way across the world in HK… only worse… of course it also brought about some silly convos between K and I … lol

n: SRS?? that lightning??
k: so crazy the lightning here.. was like the end of the world
n: insane!! was it black rain?
k: it was only red…in 6 hours… 25,000 lightning hit
n: really ONLY red? we had some crazy lightning here yest too, but not as crazy
k: it was so scary… didn’t want to go out.. i was at work.. took a taxi home.. even those 10 steps from taxi to my home door.. i was worried that i could get hit by lightning…
n: 25k??
k: oh really?
n: omg
k: yea.. 25k
n: so dangerous, much better to stay home!! or indoors,
yeah saw a bunch of lightning driving home but nothing happened
went to the gym as i was running flashing again
then sudden down pour like the sky fall for an hour
k: icic.. last night was like that too.. but not as long.. only happened for 1 hour or 2
yea.. that crazy night… people see UFO sighting
get outta here!
k: haha.. got were attacked or something.. ha ha
they attacked us with lightning… with a lighting making machine
n: wtf u are messed up, hahahaha
lightning making machine
did they elevate anybody?
k: hahahaha
n: u should’ve waved and said hi


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