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nail polish was on sale at shoppers drug mart the other day… i picked up a shade of bright pink (something fit for summer)… i wasn’t entirely sure if i had that particular color, but apparently when i got home, i have multiples … i guess i seem to quite like bright pink (at least for nail polish!)

btw – i quite ❤ NARS and OPI…



2010.07.17 § Leave a comment

this year’s summer retreat we are heading to abby… of which it is advised that we bring our own sleeping bags… this is rather annoying since i don’t own one and think it is kinda waste of money to buy one for the sake of a weekend trip… my friends have a tendency to mock me with my local up-bringing (all in fun of course)…

n: hey u have a sleeping bag?

oc: do I look like I’ll have one? 🙂

n: Hahahahaa… no… but I thought I’d ask… Cuz u ALL seem to think I own one and I don’t!

oc: coz you are a BANANA and therefore you should own one…hahaha…

oc: Philosophy 101

n: @_@” …

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